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Is the lawyer useful? Does he have any influence on the app or does not matter at all

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  • Is the lawyer useful? Does he have any influence on the app or does not matter at all

    Lawyer's assistant got annoyed that I had questions about our situation and that I inquired a couple of times so now ignoring me...
    But yeah, when people say get yourself the best lawyer to beat a case case etc how a better lawyer has a higher chance of winning cases etc...
    Does that matter when it comes to a USCIS application? Besides applying and submitting a query and just making sure we fill the application right and point us in the right track, do they actually have influence on approval/denial, speed, or anything they can do?
    I'm realizing more and more how I am absolutely alone in all this so just wondering if i need to accept it or something I can do
    Thank you all and wish you all luck and strengh

    PS: going to do another thread but what are our opportunities for work, can we get an Individual Taxpayer Identification number? anyway to make things work? tips, advice?
    Thank You

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    I did everything alone and am waiting about same time as everyone on this forum with an attorney.


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