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Eligibility for U Visa

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  • Eligibility for U Visa

    In 2011, I was robbed on the streets in NYC. I cooperated with the police, identified the suspect, did the police line up and went to court to testify but the case was constantly being postponed. The suspect had pending charges but not convicted. I received an order of protection fromt the DA. The police were very helpful. I suffered PTSD and received treatment from a counsellor from Metropolitan hospital in Manhattan. I also received support from family/ friends because I was scared that the suspect would target me because my wallet was never recovered.
    In 2012, I left the US voluntarily. I never got the chance to testify in court because I left. I entered the US legally as a child and overstayed.

    I recently came across details on the U-Visa and I was wondering, will I be eligible and able to apply in 2017? While i cooperated with the police etc, with the postponement of the case several times and my departure from the US, I do miss my family and friends and will like to go back to the US. After all, it was the place I grew up.

    It's now 2017. If I am eligible for the U Visa, I would like to know:
    - how long does the U visa take if I am eligible for approval
    - am I able to adjust to a green card once approved
    - typically, how long is that from u-visa approval to greencard

    I do have a copy of the police record, order of protection, the detectives and the counsellor who assisted me. Will they be of any value for the U Visa?

    Any advise would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    Yes you can apply, and it would take 2-4 years for approval notice... and after 3 years of having your U Visa you can apply for your GreenCard but the process is very long I been waiting for 2 years for my approval still nothing.


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      Thank you for the response Numericcash. Indeed that's lengthy. Can you check the status of your file on the immigration website?
      I was also curious. Are you able to travel internationally while under the U Visa?
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        You can't check if your case is being process you will only find out when they send you a letter and you can travel when you have your U Visa but they don't recommend that because you need to be present in the US for 3 years to apply for your Green Card.


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