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USCIS timeline did not change

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  • USCIS timeline did not change

    Hello everyone, i just checked to check if USCIS has fixed its glitch which was showing July 28 2016 .
    Now i see that they fixed it but U visas are still on June 9th, 2014.
    I'm an applicant from July 1st, 2014 and i still haven't heard anything from them.
    Yet i see some people from dates august, september already got their DA, (maybe their cases were transferred to Nebraska ?)
    Still i'm hoping to get at least put on DA since i have a deportation process on pending as well and it will be up to my DA otherwise i'm on a Limbo
    It's frustrating to wait not knowing what's gonna happen and i see all the news that Trump is pushing forward to deport illegal aliens.
    I tried to talk to my lawyer to send an request to check why it's getting to late but she told me since they are not changing their timeline to July we can't do it
    Just share your ideas pls

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    As i know my lawyer told me that person who is under application for U visa cannot be deported, only if u make some crime. So even if u didnt get DA u cannot be deported. Thats what lawyers saying but i really dont beleive them 100%


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