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U visa application help support letters

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  • U visa application help support letters

    I send my applicationn without support letters
    When i apply for u visa i send my application without support letters ( friends, family ). I didnt have anyone here who supported me, only my wife but she is not US citizen. My lawyer told me dont worry about that. So can i be denied becauss i dont have those letters?
    I apply on April 2016
    Bio: may 2016

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    Generally attorneys do ask for the support affidavits to with U visa application. It doesn`t matter if the person who is giving you the support affidavit is US citizen or not. They just need to show that they know your from how long? and they know that you are a crime victim and how bad you suffered? They just need to prove that you are with good moral character. But if you didn`t have anyone to do so than I guess it is fine. No need to worry. Best is to consult your attorney. They can submit those later as well.



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      thank you, u re right we can give those letters later. So maybe they ask maybe they dont ?


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        Originally posted by Bob View Post
        thank you, u re right we can give those letters later. So maybe they ask maybe they dont ?
        It's a good call to send additional documents like support letters while you are waiting to be placed on DA. SO MY ADVICE WILL BE TO SEND NOW AND COMPLETE YOUR FILE. cause if they find missing documents then you will get DA MUCH LATER. PLEASE GIVE THIS VIEW TO YOUR ATTORNEY. HOPE THAT HELPS.


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