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Some questions about O-1, EAD, and U visa

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  • Some questions about O-1, EAD, and U visa

    I just find this website, really happy to be here could ask some questions. I feel I am not alone!

    I'm holding O-1 Visa now and will expire soon. My U visa (submitted on May 2014) is on the waiting list and got DA on June 2015. My attorney recently files the I-765 for EAD for me in the end of 2016, USCIS received it on 11/22/2016, and give the notice date on 12/05/2016. I heard about it takes 3 months to get EAD card, does it start from the date they received to count 3 months? I also just read someone was waiting even longer to get EAD card! So I really cross my fingers!

    Couple questions as below:
    1. When having EAD, am I totally not allowed the travel outside U.S.? What if travel outside the country for short period (such as for emergency)?

    2. And It looks like it will take forever to get U visa now, but I'm still wondering I could go back to my home country sometimes. My attorney suggested me to renew the O-1 visa until getting the U visa. Now I already file the EAD, so what if I renew the O visa now, then after that I also got EAD, am I allowed to have both status simultaneously? If not, then which one will got cancelled?

    3. Is anyone get trouble about apply/renew the drive license when having the DA?

    4. Is any way could find out how long we still have to wait to get U?

    Very appreciated your help!

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