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need advice with I-918

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  • need advice with I-918

    I have concerns about U visa petition. On 23.July I became a victim of criminal actvity which was qualified as aggrevated battery and caused me great bodily harm - eye socket fracture. The matter came to court exactly on the same charge and I was advised to fill U visa petition. The police agency signed the B - supplement of form I-918 as "felonious assault" and mentioned me as a helpful victim. Yesterday I was informed that the criminal person was spoken guilty after he pleaded voluntarily BUT the charge was reduced to battery/cause bodily harm. Can the B supplement signed as "aggrevated battery" still be used? Can I still file the petition?

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    You can absolutly use the form 918 that the police already signed. Just because the plainftiff pled down doesn't mean the crime of felonius assault did not occur. Go ahead and get an attorney to put this case together for you. Do not file it on your own.


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