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Please share ur ideas, Why it seem Extremly Hard to get Green Card for u Applicant ?

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  • Please share ur ideas, Why it seem Extremly Hard to get Green Card for u Applicant ?

    To apply for Adjustment of status U visa holder has to - demonstrate to USCIS that allowing you to become a permanent resident is justified on humanitarian, public interest, or family unity grounds.

    our demonstration is One of the important Evidence that you “deserve” permanent residence :

    because adjustment of status for U visa-holders is dependent on whether USCIS believes it is justified, you should be prepared to submit evidence that you should be granted a green card on humanitarian, public interest, or family unity grounds.

    They are giving EAD bcoz they need Victim to prosecute the criminal.

    now a day it seem applicant has to wait for - 2 years for Defered action
    - 2/3 more year to get regular U status
    - 3 years after we get U status

    Total 7-8 years we have to wait for Green Card.

    Meanwhile that case will b over in the court. and they don't need you.

    U visa is low priority as per USCIS

    what humanitarian / public interest we can ask for Green Card ?

    I wish everybody get GC but Please think on above.......

    I will b happy if some one share his/her view

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    Probably if you volunteer for non profit organizations, or if you have strong family's ties (US citizen children).
    But, I do not know how can they need you if the case is closed, like in my husband's case. I do not understand why would they even give him a U visa if the case is closed. I'm not very optimistic. I've heard of people who actually obtained their green card, probably the criminal was still at large.. I dont know


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