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What Else Can You Do ?

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  • What Else Can You Do ?

    There isn’t much more we can do to force the process along, but there are things we can do to stay ready.

    a. Keep your address updated with USCIS.

    b. If you have a DAS letter, you can apply for work authorization.

    c. Feel free to check your case status by typing your receipt number into this page. Although it won’t change until they take action on your case.

    d. If you want to check the current USCIS processing times, you can always go to this page and select “Vermont Service Center.” However, since April, 2015 the U visa (form I-918) has been set at May 7, 2014

    You can also make sure your Congressional representative is aware that the U Visa is a valuable part of the current immigration law, designed to protect the most vulnerable and to help law enforcement do their job, and that the statutory cap needs to be increased.

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