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AOS Filing on March 2021 (Green Card)

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  • AOS Filing on March 2021 (Green Card)

    Hello Guys,

    MY Timeline

    U Visa Applied - August 2014
    U Visa Approval - March 2018

    now im preparing to file my adjustment of status and wanted to share my journey as i prepare my documents and also get help and feedback on the process. anyone here filing their AOS in March 2021?

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    I apply AOS on September 2 2020 nothing yet not even fingerprint


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      Hi guys my u visa approved on March 15 2018 and I'm starting my AOS I just give to my lawyer yesterday he is gonna send it thank u guys


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        Originally posted by Leo85 View Post
        I apply AOS on September 2 2020 nothing yet not even fingerprint
        Do you have any updates? Also if Vermont approved your EAD how long is your new EAD card is valid for?


        Fiscal Year 2018 U Visa Approved
        Application Date - April 14 2014
        DA EAD - April 10 2015
        2nd EAD Application Date - Dec 16 2016
        2nd DA EAD - June 18 2017
        I-918 Approved - Oct 12 2017



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          Nothing no update on i485 and EAD renewal


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            hello every one:
            1. filed U visa in june 2014
            2. deferred action August 2016
            3. Final U visa on Jan 2018
            4. AOS March 2021
            6. June 2021 received New work permit with combo card valid for 2 yrs. also, received notice that USCIS will use our old biometric.

            Now awaiting for the decision.


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              Congratulations Which service center ?


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                Follow "Adjustment of Status" topic and read these postings for AOS timeline:


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                  Originally posted by legend1979 View Post
                  Congratulations Which service center ?
                  VSC. Mine is a similar timeline and Vish & I have been in touch.


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