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    We are a group of immigrants who have been a victim of violent crime, have reported the crime in order to get the criminal off the streets.
    While everything is being done immigration wise to make america great again, there is an area of Immigration, The U-Visa who has set many of us back and in a very uncertain position.
    People who have applied for u-visa have to wait upto 5 years to get a conditional approval and then another 3 years to get an approval and another 3 to apply for Permanent residency. A total of minimum 4-5 years without work permits or travel permission.The years spent waiting due to non-availibity of visa does not count towards the 3 years of waiting for the Green Card. Some of us have been here past 10 years or more and due to the annual cap of 10,000 u- visas available we dont know how many more years we will have to wait before we get to see and touch our family members. We do not have a parole policy either that allows us to travel back and forth to the USA while we wait. There is a bill pending that proposes raising the number from 10k to 40k a year.
    *We believe that the number of Visas should be increased
    * The waiting time should be counted towards Permanent processing time
    * We request a travel document/ advance parole while waiting.

    and while those applying for assylum get their Permanent residency within a year, we have to wait for 3 years just to apply

    Please copy ,paste and share or simply share this post along with the hashtag #iamavictimofcrime #uvisa #HR4145 to get our voice heard.
    Please share for your friends and family who may have been a victim of crime #isupportU