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U visa

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  • U visa

    Hey everyone i have one important question if i get help from this form
    I have u visa pending in Georgia application but i m trying to get Florida driver license & i all ready went dmv
    Abt id card in florida dmv & paid for my id card application but i m worried bcz i didn't chenge address on my u
    Visa application. But have one friend living florida & i get his address & trying to get license. Do i get any problems
    In u visa application plz let me know abt this question thanks

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    did you get DA on your U visa Application? what is your time line?? when did you apply for U visa??if you already received DA then you are able to apply for EAD and based and social security number and then for Driving licence from any state.


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      No I didn't get da yet thats why i m worried abt it can i get any problems plz answer my question


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        it shouldn't be a problem as it takes months to change the address on U visa application
        AR-11 doesn't work as a change of address tool on U application at VSC.
        your lawyer/attorney have to send in written with the original sign along with form G-28
        so it became a process of 1-2 months.


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          you shouldn't get into any problem as it takes time for USCIS to update the address.However you or your attorney must inform USCIS change of address
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