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Is this possible to get permanent citizenship if he is married ?

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  • Is this possible to get permanent citizenship if he is married ?

    I am a lawyer in India. I have a client in California U.S . he is working their from last One year. Last month he married a girl their. the girl has her green card of U.S citizenship. so now is he able to get citizenship card of U.S ?
    please suggest our advice.

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    Marrying a U.S. citizen makes you a direct relative according to immigration laws. You may be eligible for a green card. However, anyone can be denied a green card if found invalid.
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      Marriage is best way to get citizenship of U.S, as per USA immigration laws if you are getting married to Citizen of U.S so, it provide you so many benefits and facilities which is facilitate to every citizen of America. Once you become a citizen you receive amazing benefits such as being able to vote and helping family members immigrate to the United States.


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