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Citizenship Interview Digitized application?

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  • Citizenship Interview Digitized application?

    Hello All,

    I went to my citizenship interview last week, everything went very well I passed all the test. After all the paper verification, the officer told me
    that my case needed to be digitized, most likely because I have been around for 14 years already. She told me it could take a month to get my certificate (go to the ceremony) if everything went well, or 3 month if it is delayed and if I don't hear back the officer told me to request another appointment with infopass.

    So my question is anybody had the same issue where there case has not been "digitized"? How long I will have to wait to finally go to a ceremony ?

    Thanks so much in advance for your feedback

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    Hello All,

    Just wanted to give you an update, my application went actually very smooth and fast I though it would take month to get an appointment for my oath ceremony after the officer told me my case needed to be digitized.

    Here are the detail for people that pass the interview test and waiting for their oath ceremony

    - On June 8 I had my citizenship interview
    - received my N-445 notice of naturalization on July 16
    - went on July 25th to my oath ceremony, so it took exactly 47 days between my US citizen test and my Oath ceremony at the LA convention center.

    Happy and proud to be an american today!!

    Hope this help! Good luck!


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      Congratulations on getting a US citizenship. You can always consult us for any queries related to law and probate cases. Regards
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