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Green Card Cancellation

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  • Green Card Cancellation

    What are the different conditions under which someone's Green Card cancellation by US government?

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    If a person is a green card holder and engage in criminal activity or are convicted of a crime in the US or elsewhere, he/she could have serious problems. Infact she/he could be deported from the country or may lose eligibility to become a naturalized US citizen. Some crimes that will affect the green card status are Murder, Terrorist activities, Rape, Sexual assault of a child, Illegal trafficking in drugs, firearms, or people and any crime defined as an “aggravated felony,” which include crimes of violence that are felonies with a one-year prison term.
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      I think the different state have different rules for the cancellation of the credit card but most of them cancel you Green card when you find in any criminal activity.Or having a bad background.But most of the time you will fixed that after filing for that case.
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        Its quite common Understanding , If any person caught in Criminal case or anyone reported against him that he is doing fraud.
        some other condition his wife opens any case against him , Or he is involved in drug cases etc. these are common cause which can be reason for Green card cancellation.
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          Almost all the criminal activities causes the green card cancellation. It also depends on state law that what are the term and condition for visa cancellation for any specific person.
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            Green card can also be abandoned in case you live outside the United States for more than six month or 1 year in a row. It is usually on a case by case basis.
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              You can visit the US Embassy to surrender your Green Card, or permanent resident status, as well as apply for a non-immigrant visitor's visa, though these services are handled by two different offices within the embassy. The procedures for both surrendering residency and applying for a visa are outlined below. Just like all other parts of an application, previous permanent residency in the United States will be considered as the officer tries to determine an applicant's qualifications for a visa.

              Surrendering a Green Card does not positively or negatively affect one's ability to obtain a non-immigrant visa. The applicant should be prepared to discuss how he or she is tied to Jamaica after having resided in the US. It is important to note that anyone who currently holds Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) status must abandon that status before they will be eligible to obtain a non-immigrant visa.


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                There are several conditions under which the U.S. government may cancel someone's green card, such as Fraud or misrepresentation, Criminal activity, Failure to file taxes, Failure to maintain permanent residence, National Security concerns, Abandonment of Permanent Residence, etc.


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