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AOS Applied on June , 2021

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  • AOS Applied on June , 2021

    U visa approved on Feb , 2018
    GC file on March 10, 2021 but uscis keep my package for AOS and return it April 19 ( REASON : VISA IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS MOMENT) service center : Vermont Service Center

    GC file again on April 25 but uscis keep my package for AOS again for 1 month and return it on May 28 with same reason ( VISA NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) Vermont Service Center

    GC file again on June 1 (Send package from USPS 1-3 business days ( package lost, untraceable and again they delivered it on June 12 somehow got lucky ) This time I ask my lawyer to send AOS package to Nebraska Service Center since I live in Texas ( service center shows Nebraska on uscis website ) I guess they don’t check with their supervisor before returning AOS package
    This time she add cover letter. ATTN: supervisor or superior attention required.

    GC finally filed with received date June 15, 2021
    NOTICE DATE JUNE 16, 2021

    June 16, fingerprints were taken already

    RFE from USCIS for I 485 ON Feb 29
    1. RFE is for medical report,
    2. Explanation of Have you ever violated the terms and conditions of your non immigrant status ( it was from Page no. 10 From I485 page question no. 17 I lost my status so they need explanation of when you lost your status and when you got back. I was in deportation process ( removal proceedings since 2013 Nov ) I have to give them explanation
    3. Employment history prior to Feb 28 ,2016
    Since I didn’t work before that, I just have to write them letter.
    4. Sign the I485 paper again

    Replied RFE on April 4 to USCIS

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    May 10, 2022

    New card is being produced. We order your new card for receipt LIN**********.

    May 11, 2022

    CASE WAS APPROVED. We approved your form I-485 application to register permanent residence or adjust status. We sent you approval notice.

    May 13, Card was picked up by USPS

    May 13, Received Approval Notice for I-485 approval on my lawyer address as well as on my physical address too.

    Tracking number is generated and is scheduled to deliver it tomorrow at my lawyer address. I just confirmed by calling USPS.

    Finally my green card is approved almost after 10 years. Started those process since 2012 from

    The day I got robbed but couldn’t find a right educated lawyer to file it and end up filing on July 2014.

    YAYYYYYYYYYYY 😀!!!!!!!!!!

    U VISA APPROVED FEB 22, 2018

    GC FILED JUNE 15, 2021

    RFE FEB 29, 2022


    May 10 New card is being Produced

    May 11 I-485 is approved. My Green card is approved
    Last edited by nayan12; 05-13-2022, 07:55 PM. Reason: Approved AOS file on JUNE, 2021. I-485 approval notice received today


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      Pick up my card today from my lawyer office at Falls church, Virginia.

      For me, it was a roller coaster ride coz I had try so many different possibilities to get a GC. From removal proceedings to deportation letter after lost my status on May, 2013 but still didn’t gave up on this. And finally going back home probably first week of June, 2022 after 14 years.
      Best of luck to all of you.


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        It is a difficult thing. However best of luck everyone


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