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  • Some Advice ..

    Hi everybody . I come to USA in 2000 with visa waiver , I overstay my visa , in 2009 I was victim of violence domestic , I filled it the TRO , was my daughter's father .
    He violated and go to jail , immigration catch him over there but for some reason they let him go . In 2011 an official from immigration arrested me front to my job , the excuse was because I was working illegal , but at the end of the day I was surprised they are looking for my mi ex !!! They release me under supervision order , they found him later on in 2012 and he was deported . I meet someone in 2012 and we get married in 2015 , my husband is an american citizen , we apply for the I-130 and get approved in one month . After that our lawyer , one of the best in New Jersey never reply , was the same who told me in 2011 don't worry about it , when they want deported me we can open the case . I find another one who finally told me about it , if we push the I-130 you should back to my country in wait for the interview . Another choice was apply for the u-visa because you qualify and put my daughter too , she's under DACA now . I have not idea about it , because the other lawyer never told me , we start , I have not problem with the supplement B because I live 17 years in the same town so the official sign it right away .I show up in July to immigration and they want me buy a ticket back to my country for this October , and my daughter have show up in March 2018 . I show up again with my receipt , received date 09/19/2017 , notice date 09/26/2017 . My lawyer explain to the official who said we're under new goverment is new rules . He totally refused to see the papers , for him was nothing and he said I can wait in my country for approval of the u-visa. My lawyer was upset , he told them I have not criminal record , and I always show up when they request , he ask for 6 months more because the uscis page take long time to show the receipt online . They just give one month and I have to come back to immigration office but the way . they retain my passport .
    Was a case in the same field , a mexican man who was crossing the board years ago , he was in jail and release under supervision order , he has a previous deportation order years ago , he's now applying for u-visa because he was victim of assault , they grant him one year more . I don't understand !!! If somebody in the same situation ? Any advice o idea ? I'm thinking make my case public , Thanks

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    First hire a good immigration attorney who can ****yse your case deeply and the attorney should make good strategy in defending you.
    U visa is one among in defending deportation under Obama regime. But, under Trump presidency, ICE argues in court that U visa applicatints are welcomed to wait outside USA until visa becomes available for them.


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      I forget to add one point, there is a way of expediting the process of U visa under certain circumstances and condition like detained by ICE , humanitarian reasons, etc.... Regarding this u need a good immigration lawyer....


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