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L1B to GC

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  • shah
    If you qualify as a manager or executive capacity, yes you can file a GC under EB1c, if your company agrees. Since EB1c is current, you can file concurrently file for adjustment of status and obtain a work permit (EAD). I would advise you to call us at 510 742 5887 and we can assess before you proceed.

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  • Unregistered
    Guest started a topic L1B to GC

    L1B to GC


    I came to US in Dec 2014 on L1B,working for an Indian IT firm.Now my question is :

    a) Can i apply for GC directly without being converted to L1A/H1B?

    b)My company will:

    b.1 most probably apply for the extension in L1B for my visa expiring on Nov 2017.Which can again be extended for 2 years more.

    Now if suppose i get the extension and then in 2019 my company applies for GC then what will happen?How can i stay and work in US?

    b.2 If my company chooses for applying for GC in 2017 itself then what is process?Like how can i stay and work till GC arrives?OR can i do that at all?

    c) Based on my situation how can you help,if i do not want to get my company involved.

    Best Regards,

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