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Can i hold multiple J1 visas simultaneously? a J1 intern and a J1 student visa

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  • Can i hold multiple J1 visas simultaneously? a J1 intern and a J1 student visa


    Currently, i hold an intern J1 visa sponsored by my company valid till June 2013. Meanwhile, i've been accepted by a US business school for exchange semester(Jan-May 2013). I was told by my school to apply for a new J1 student visa sponsored by the school. I have an appointment with the US consulate in India next week.

    Should i cancel my intern J1 visa before i go for the interview? Or, is it ok to hold two J1 visas simultaneously and i make sure that i use the J1 student visa to enter US for my education?

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    I've heard you can cancel and file a new one if not subject to 2 years residency. Otherwise, you might need to get a waiver unless they allow you. But I might be wrong. They should tell you at the embassy.


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      The requirement is waived already.

      But, when applying for the student J1, is it ok to have a valid intern J1? or should i cancel a valid visa before applying for a new one?

      I have to apply for a new visa since the sponsors of the J1 visa are different.


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        I will have to research on this. Usually either they will allow both or terminate the previous one by operation of law. On H1b for example they can allow multiple visas.
        I do not think you have to withdraw it at this point because there is no confirmation you will be approved for the second one. However, you might want to tell the J1 sponsor about this situation. They are more familiar with their types of visas. Our law firm usually handles the J1 waivers rather than the J1 visa itself so our experience is very limited on them.
        Good Luck
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          Your program sponsor should be able to advise you on this, but the following may be helpful:

          The transfer of a participant from one program (sponsor) to another may be allowed at the discretion of the responsible officers and must be within the same category. The responsible officer of the program to which the participant seeks to transfer is required to verify the participant's visa status and eligibility, to issue a new Form DS-2019 reflecting the transfer, and to obtain the release of the participant from the current responsible officer, who indicates approval of the transfer by completing and signing block 8 of the new Form DS-2019. Transfers are not permitted in all categories, and a transfer does not extend the maximum duration of the program. Participants should address all inquiries regarding change of category to the responsible officer of their programs. [22 CFR 62.42]


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