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Travelling on B1 with H4 visa

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  • Travelling on B1 with H4 visa

    Currently myself and my husband work for same company and same project for a client based in California.

    My husband has valid H1B work permit visa and will be travelling by this month end.

    I was holding a B1 ( business visa) earlier and now I have H4 too (dependent visa)

    My H4 visa gets valid from 21st September onwards.

    Client is requesting me to travel on B1 for couple of months and support for some technical discussions.

    These are my questions can u please clarify them.

    1. Is it feasible if I travel on B1 before H4 gets active( before 21st)?

    2.My husband will be travelling on 26th September on H1B. Will my H4 visa gets active?

    3. Will there be any conflict when I am staying on B1 and H4 gets active?

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    1. Yes it is but the H4 will no automatically get active, you can change the status then to H4 later
    2. No the H4 does not get active automatically unless you apply or COS on it.
    3. The H4 will not get active unless paperwork was filed as cos.
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