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H4 - F1 Now F1 to H4

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  • H4 - F1 Now F1 to H4


    First of all thanks a ton for helping us by doing radio show and also helping us through this forum.

    I have many many questions related to H4 EAD. Lemme give you a brief review about my case here.

    I am currently on F1 visa and is doing my masters in ITU. I will be graduating in May 2015. Current i am working on CPT with company X. My CPT ends on MAY 10th. I Also filed my OPT recently hoping it would come in time so that i can work for the same company even on OPT.But these days i am hearing a lot of horror stories about ITU students OPT's being kept on security holds for long long time and people who applied for thier OPTs in October havent got thier OPTs yet. My worry is if i dont get it by MAY i end up loosing my job which i am currently doing.

    My husband currently have I-140 approved with company A which is his current company. His company got split into two. One big company(B) and one small company(C). And he will be with company C after the split.

    MY questions:

    1)So after the split will he still be having the approved I-140(Since it is filed under the name of company A) ? Am i eligible to apply for H4 EAD with that?
    2)Can i apply for COS F1-H4 and H4 EAD together?
    3)If i dont hear any decision on my OPT by MAY 26th, Can i still apply for H4 EAD on may 26th? Both my filings might be in parellel. What issues i might face if i did so?
    4)I got my H4-F1 cos approved in JAN 2014 but did not go for stamping. Will that be a problem?


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