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H4 to F1 status

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  • H4 to F1 status


    My wife's H4 visa and I94 expires on September 5th 2015. She will be filing for a change of status to F1 using an I20 with a course start date of September 9 2015.
    1. What will be the effective date of the new F1 status. Can it be before course start date?
    2 If it has to be the course start date, is it ok if there is a gap of 5 days between that and H4/I94 expiration



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    ANother question

    3. How long before the start date on i20 can one apply for COS to F1.
    In this case the start date is September 9th


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      Yes in case it was pending during the H4 valid. Since the application for COS is pending she is an authorized period of stay. However, I am a little concerned about other possible issues. Feel free to call us at 510 742 5887 for a consultation.
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        Thanks. I will do that. What about the question regarding how soon can you apply got COS. If I20 says date in September, can she apply now or there is a limit on number of days you have to apply before


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