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H4 visa nightmare - listen to the testimonies!

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    started a topic H4 visa nightmare - listen to the testimonies!

    H4 visa nightmare - listen to the testimonies!

    I see plenty of young smart people, highly educated, brilliant innovative minds, well versed in the English Language, Very Knowledgeable spouses, here in the US, living & wasting away their talents. Their Crime? An H-4 visa status that currently keeps them from being in Gainful Employment? How terribly sad! On the contrary if they are permitted to work, Companies & Society stand to be enriched by granting them the privilege to work. Granting that permission also adds $$$,$$$,$ at least more to the Exchequer AND many of them bring valuable expertise AND are not going to be much of a deterrent to the Current unemployment challenges either, pragmatically & realistically speaking, I should like to think. BUT who cares.......right! That is sad & that tide needs to change to the betterment of Our Economy.

    Koshy George CPA
    I am on an H4 visa, an H1B visa dependent. Many of us came to the US because companies in America need the services of our spouses. Unfortunately the H4 visa holders are not allowed to work and it is unbearable situation for many.
    These are my views:
    1. A person who comes here cannot sit idle.

    2. It is only normal that the spouse follows because no culture in the world encourages a married couple to stay apart unless separated or divorced.
    3. Majority of these highly skilled workers marry a intelligent spouses with a lot of potential.

    H4 visa holders are denied to work or operate their own businesses.
    H4 visa holders are denied to work. They are not actually allowed to earn any kind of income through work. Many are very talented and can generate income for themselves, help the US economy with taxes and provide employment to US workers.Why H4 Visa holders have no incentive to go to school?
    Many H4s get themselves enrolled into prestigious colleges and even get professional licences but never get a chance to even apply for a job. So, why would someone put an effort and money in even studying?

    Domestic violence
    Due to financial dependence, lack of motivation, loneliness many H4s are victims of domestic violence.
    Apart from that many of them are victims of chronic depression and neurological problems.

    An Endless and Unfair Wait.
    L2 visa holders (dependents of L1 visas) can actually work freely in the United States and can apply for the Green card. Until they obtain their permanent residence , L visa spouses are allowed to work, whereas H4 visa holders are denied the ability to work. If they are fortunate they might get a work permit in 8- 10 years especially if they are from India or China. This endless wait destroys one's self esteem, motivation, and confidence. Because L2 visa holders are able to work and because the wait for the work permit through the permanent residence is so long, H4 should also be allowed to work.
    Some may ask why H1Bs holders and their H4 visa spouses don't just go back to their home countries?
    Firstly, United States requires such skills. Second, in many cases, due to the scarcity of their skills, if H1B holders return back to their home country, they are usually replaced by some other highly skilled H1B workers. In turn their spouses have to bear the same sad H4 visa agony. And, many times, company sends H1B again to US because he is highly skilled.
    For those who came legally, are paying taxes, living a peaceful life, spending money in the United States -- it is unfair to make them wait ?
    Therefore, we hope that this time the law will change to help all the H4 visa holders and the US economy.
    Jyotsna Sharma
    We will see a better morning ...
    Sooner or later ..
    We will write our stories
    As a fighter or narrator.
    It all depends on our efforts
    For they shouldn't hold back any further...
    Life on a H4 status
    Does not have to be mere status..
    It has to take a step further
    And reach a level
    To be called as status symbol !
    Enough we have lived a life
    Lesser known , lesser heard , lesser felt & empathized .....
    Now is the turn to make our life kingsize
    For thou shall hear our pain and agony..
    Have a look into our life's irony
    We are non-immigrants
    Hoping to earn little respect while earning our bread....
    We know we have followed our love our spouse , the H1B holder
    For the sake of family that holds us...
    But now it kills sitting at home
    Doing modern maid servant job...
    Let our degrees fly high
    Let us too contribute to professional side
    Let us work, let us be heard
    We too exist than merely being dependent
    Please o the lawmakers do look at us
    We are lying in some forgotten corners of work authorization files
    Please do let us smile
    Care for us
    We will be highly obliged


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