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H4 to F1 - Visa Stamp

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  • H4 to F1 - Visa Stamp


    I had got my visa changed from H4 to F1 through COS in May 2014.

    I got the F1 status approval. My course is just one year and I have already started the course since Summer 2014.

    My course is ending in March 2015 and I was wondering if it would be safe to get the visa stamped on my passport from Canada in Dec 2014. Is there is any risk of denial since only 3month would have been left to complete the course.

    Alternatively, can I get a stamp from India or Canada after my graduation when I get OPT approved.

    Kindly suggest.

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    I am on H-4 visa in the US and I got admission from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and University of Central Missouri. I am not sure if I should apply for a COS or get an F1 stamp from India. I am planning on going to University of Central missouri. I have a few questions:

    How long will a COS take? Will the 1 year of F1 for OPT start only after COS has been approved?

    Would it be hard to get F1 stamped from India for University of Central Missouri since it's not a great school?

    If I do COS, do I have to pay again to get F1 stamped if I go to India on vacation?

    If I get F1 stamped from India, would it be better if I apply for F1 with University of Wisconsin and then immediately transfer to central Missouri after coming to US? Will this cause issues if I am re-entering US?

    Please, suggest what is the best thing for me to do.



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