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Change of Employer after I-140 approve

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  • Change of Employer after I-140 approve

    I am in a very peculiar situation.
    I am with an employer A on H1b from past 2 and half years. Till date I always got new project being in previous project and hence no bench time.
    Employer A filed for my green card as well and its I-140 approved state since one year.
    They recently got extension on I-140 till Sept 2016.
    Now due to abrupt end of project I went on bench. Within 2 weeks I got the another offer from a primevendor of a big client and I was all good to go. But my employer A during the paper work just screwed up something and my joining was stalled. In this whole process I lost 3 more weeks and hence, I went without pay check for total 5 weeks.
    I was approached by another employer B who is ready to transfer my H1b for the same project under normal processing and asked me to join the project once LCA is approved. I have the following queries for this situation.

    1. What are the chances of my H1b getting rejected or getting an RFE in this situation where the new H1b is filed without the last 5 weeks of paycheck.
    2. I was told by the attorney of the new employer B that I need to go for stamping once its approved. What are the chances of successful stamping in case of the above mentioned scenario. The attorney told that it would not be an issue as they would be providing all the documents when I will go for stamping and also it would be easier for me as I have I-140 approved.
    3. Can I transfer my H1b to a new employer C while working on project for employer B before the H1b is approved for employer B as I will get the paystubs by that time for employer B.

    I am really tensed now to make a decision of whether I should stay with current employer A or should I go with the new employer B.
    Please give some advise on this so that I can make the right decision.

    Awaiting a good response.. Pls Helpppppp - See more at:

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