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Obama's position on H1B as per January 2012

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  • Obama's position on H1B as per January 2012

    Knowing the H1B visa holders' requirements very well , I can tell you they are not cheaper labor. The DOL makes it clear that they have to agree to pay the prevailing wage rate before approving. And Gosh, these pay are more than the real market price. it is true that there is a shortage of engineers in various fields. Not letting them inside the United States, only hurts the economy!

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    I think the position has not changed. No President will really dare to change this position. However, we have seen that there was a big push to reduce the number of H1Bs. We hope to actually have more H1Bs in the next few years!
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      Ok, now it is getting freakish. Someone is claiming on another forum that H1B will be cancelled. Where hte hell are they getting such ideas!!!!!! Please enlighten us.


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        Yeah saw this risky. i think they are watching too much of fox news lmao


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 might want to check this
          Delivering a talk on US Visas at the Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry here on Wednesday, Nicholas opined that re-election of Barack Obama to the White House is unlikely to bring about a change in the US Visa Law, especially the H1B Visas, which allows Indian nationals to work legally in the US and for longer stays there. "These laws are not determined by the US President, but more by the Congress and the Senate," he said.


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