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Tell us about 10 Reasons why we should Reduce the Waiting Time on EB GCard for India!

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  • Tell us about 10 Reasons why we should Reduce the Waiting Time on EB GCard for India!

    As you all know unfortunately the waiting time for India and China to obtain an employment based permanent residence is just exorbitant and unconscionable. It is high time that President Obama uses his executive power to change this situation. There are many reasons such as stress, the difficulties faced by families, employer abuses and discrimination. But we would like to hear the reasons from you. Please post your reasons and sign the petition attached below on


    Our law firm just like the advocacy to change the H4 laws, is now advocating for the reduction in waiting time to obtain a permanent residence for Indian Nationals. Join us and support our cause. Follow our petition and share. For more information call (510) 742 5887 and visit
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    Shah Peerally is an attorney licensed in California practicing immigration law and debt settlement. He has featured as an expert legal ****yst for many TV networks such as NDTV, Times Now and Sitarree TV.

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    Some Reasons mentioned on the Petition
    Vishal Arora San Jose, CA 2015-04-04 this wait time should be reduced so that people can get their green card sooner
    Shri Lakshmi Reddy Houston, TX 2015-04-04 Allows me to invest back in the US.
    Removes uncertainty.
    Saurabh Chhaparwal Chanhassen, MN 2015-04-04 Its free economy so why restrict human resource ...
    Suresh Madhuvarsu Fremont, CA 2015-04-04 remove the uncertainty and allow me to have peaceful sleep. This will also help
    invest money in US.
    MARUTHI RAMPALLY Stockbridge, GA 2015-04-05 Waiting since 8years to get a Green card and not even got EAD status ,this
    puts me into lot of depression ,Insecurity of my job ,No freedom
    Rambabu Kastala Trenton, FL 2015-04-05 rambabu kastala
    Deepak Polamarasetty Fremont, CA 2015-04-05 I have been "legally" in the queue forever while contributing to the community,
    to the government (in taxes) as well as anything else that you can think of
    Rajesh Rajan Wallingford, PA 2015-04-05 I have been waiting for six years already.
    Subir Saha fairfax, VA 2015-04-05 I'm signing because, this will apparently open a lot of opportunities to DC
    residents as, almost every company require green card or citizenship.
    Ramya Mahesh Parsippany, NJ 2015-04-05 I am almost 8 years in this country and my husband paid almost 300k as tax all
    these years and I was Not able to work due to my visa status H4 even we both
    did Masters .in short We should get green card asap. Pls do needful.
    Himalay Majumdar ****eysville, MD 2015-04-05 I came here in US in August 2005 and completed my Masters in Computer
    Science from a reputed university and till date I am just a temporary worker. I
    am not even buying a house due to the same reason.
    Dharam Botadra Arlington Heights, IL 2015-04-05 If anybody wants GC faster then simply enter though the Mexican border, I
    guarantee you will be granted Amnesty first then GC eventually and this will be
    shorter than people like us who follow the right way, wait years for GC. I
    strongly support and agree with this petiton!
    Great work shah peerally!
    Gitanjali Shukla Foster City, CA 2015-04-05 It would definitely remove uncertainty there by helping people to plan their
    future in U.S. This would lead them to invest in real estate or other properties
    that would lead to increase in mobilization of capital and resources.
    Entrepreneurs will be motivated to invest money and resources to commence
    and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors that would lead to create employment
    opportunities in U.S., etc.
    Aarti Koralli Eagan, MN 2015-04-05 Aarti Koralli
    Vinod kumar palatine, IL 2015-04-05 We badly need to be protection.
    One who does not have a Green Card can easily be taken advantage of.
    Importantly, we are here to help make money for ourselves, the business were
    we work and the state where we live in.
    Sagar Savla Jersey City, NJ 2015-04-05 I am signing this because the long wait is an opportunity wasted to help grow
    US by enterpreneurs and people who are stuck waiting for their dates to
    become current
    Hardeep Singh Milpitas, CA 2015-04-05 I would like to support the petition as due to this backlog we are unable to take
    important lufe decisions like buying a home, starting a company . We are also
    stuck at the same level. I request congress and whithouse to consider changes
    to make things easier for law abiding people who are making significant
    contribution to the society.
    Name Location Date Comment
    Abilene, TX 2015-04-05 Allows me to start a new business and buy a new house.
    Shrey Gupta Plainsboro Township, NJ 2015-04-05 This is absolutely critical to promote a free(not immigration status bound)
    working culture for highly educated individuals in america
    Mrinal Venkatesh Sunnyvale, CA 2015-04-05 The long wait for GC forces employees from two countries to continue working
    for same employer and they cannot become entrepreneurs
    Subramaniyan TV West Chester, PA 2015-04-05 I am signing because people who have come 5 - 8 years earlier than me are
    able to get their green cards and settle down in couple of years unlike us who
    are still unable to buy homes and live a good life without GC.
    suresh samson chicago, IL 2015-04-05 I'm signing because, it will help me start and invest in healthcare without
    Himansi Nandu Jersey City, NJ 2015-04-05 It make sense
    Garima Sharma CHICAGO, IL 2015-04-05 I am signing, because if we get Green card on time, we can invest on business
    and property .
    Alokenanda Lahiri Walnut Creek, CA 2015-04-05 We need fair treatment of the labor market and unclogging of the immigration
    bottleneck so that entrepreneurs can blossom and help bring up the economy.
    darshak shah Austin, TX 2015-04-05 The wait time is too long and it doesn't make sense.
    Santosh Bhor Greenbelt, MD 2015-04-05 I have been here in us for almost 9 years and have changed many employers
    that took advantage of me for the broken system.... reducing the time for eb2
    will really help me and my family to be at peace....
    Meghana Subramanian chennai, TN 2015-04-05 My husband has filed his GC in 2009 and the waiting time is 6-7 more years
    which is not a small timeframe to hold on to!
    Anitha Kesavan Jersey City, NJ 2015-04-05 I have been waiting in the GC queue since 2009.
    Ameya Kulkarni Tallahassee, FL 2015-04-05 I have a Masters degree from UF in computer engineering and been in the US
    for more than 6 years and I still don't know how long I have to wait to get my
    green card. This is very taxing and unfair.
    Ymni Agarwalmitl Decatur, GA 2015-04-05 I'm signing because it has been 6 years since we started our application for
    GC, its now stuck at I 140... My son is now a junior, has 4.0 gpa but cannot get
    any scholarships since he is on H4. Please expedite the process so he can
    also go to his dream college.
    Ashok Srinivasan Acton, MA 2015-04-06 I have been waiting for my GC for a long time now and my kids are going to
    college and it is very very difficult for aliens kids in college
    Varun Vedantham Franklin, TN 2015-04-06 I'm personally affected by the current process as it holds me back in my career
    (Job promotions, travel etc) as well as personal life decisions on investing in
    the US (property etc) are on hold. I feel that people actively contributing to the
    economy (paying taxes, consuming services, creating employment) should be
    given permanent residence as it promotes decisions that will benefit the
    Ganesh Nalawade Fremont, CA 2015-04-06 I wanted to do long term investment like home or other small business but can't
    do anything due to uncertainty of future
    Shweta Gupta New Jersey, NJ 2015-04-06 I am stuck in this cycle for years, in spite of getting a stem degree from US.
    Karan Singh Canton, OH 2015-04-06 I am signing because the wait for GC is exceptionally long and it prohibits
    talented individuals to pursue career opportunities that they really deserve and
    deny them entrepreneurship opportunities. All because the GC process is so
    tedious and there long wait due to back log of applications.
    Name Location Date Comment
    Javed Nazim san jose, CA 2015-04-06 I have been in the US for 8 years now and I have been doing my part by paying
    taxes , giving back to the economy. I don't ever send money back home. All my
    income besides a little bit in savings is invested back in the economy. It is very
    difficult to pursue anything career related in the fear of losing the place in the
    GC line. We spend 1000s of dollars on trips back home to spend a significant
    amount of time on visa stamping (with uncertainity).
    Nizam Ibrahim Franklin, TN 2015-04-06 Please reduce the waiting time for EB2 and EB3
    damodaran annamalai forest parl, IL 2015-04-06 I am planning to apply for permanent residency.
    Sourabh jha Hyderabad, India 2015-04-06 waiting time is too high
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    Information provided above is for educational purposes only. One should not act or refrain to act solely based on the information provided. You should consult an attorney to assess your case before proceeding.


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      My Husband is staying here since 7 years and did not get GC, we are facing too many problems getting full time job here as many of companies doesn't provide H1 Sponsorship, so getting job become very tough and everyone asking for GC to get a better and full time job.


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