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E2 for small business

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  • E2 for small business


    I am from an E2 treaty country but my business does not have an investment capital of 100K. It is a very very small business, much less than 50K. Can I still qualify for an E2 ?

    In the alternative, I was thinking of starting a not for profit in my country. What visa would I qualify for if i wanted to expand my not for profit to the U.S.?

    Thank you!

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    Its depends on your State laws that you are qualify for that or not.You must ask a solicitor in your area that will help you better in figuring out that you are qualify or not.And for starting in USA you need work visa or investor visa for working in the USA.


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      Yes,exactly it depends on the state law and your and the trends in the local market.Starting a new business venture in the USA is comparatively easy as the law of the state regarding registration of a new business venture is very supportive for the investor visa particularly.
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        Based upon our state law only it will decide whether you are qualified for that or not. Generally, It helps for non citizen of the USA can come to this country and start a business under an E-2 treaty investor visa under a certain amount.
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          I am non-citizen of the USA country but I am interested to start a business in this country. What amount should they charge under an E-2 treaty investor visa?
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