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I just saw this announcement for Hurricane Sandy and DOL applications!

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  • I just saw this announcement for Hurricane Sandy and DOL applications!

    "Question: Will the Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) allow for extensions or other reasonable case-accommodations in light of the damage done by Hurricane Sandy?

    Answer: Yes. We recognize that Hurricane Sandy generated significant damage to businesses up and down the East Coast, closing businesses and offices particularly in New York and New Jersey but impacting other areas as well. The OFLC has established internal procedures that recognize, as a result of the storm, employers and/or their representative(s) may not be able to timely respond to a request for information or documentation, such as an audit, etc.Accordingly, we will individually review requests for extensions of time to respond that arise from storm-related conditions, including delays caused as a result of the storm, as well as those delays that may have occurred as a result of storm preparations in the week before the storm. ... [More...]" - DOLETA OFLC, Nov. 9, 2012.

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    How about they remove the audit completely


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      This is a good news based on the hardship of those who suffered because of Sandy.
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        it makes sense bcuz they can't expect people to comply on time.


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          so if denied what happens?


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            Yeah- what happens if Form I-140 filed and company planning big layoffs?


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