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Can we get pemanent work visa of california ?

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  • Can we get pemanent work visa of california ?

    i am a lawyer in India. my client is studying in California on study visa. Now he wants to live their on permanent basis for lifetime. is that possible to get permanent resident visa of California ? please suggest your advice through

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    My friend who worked with California Bail Bond tell me that there are few laws ammended in California according to which many speculate will go to Senate and Third Reading before the summer break, but there is no assurance of that, no assurance it will pass smoothly through the Senate (still a Conservative majority in the Senate), so no guarantees at all about when the legislation will be adopted and become law.Beyond that, the 3/5 rule will not be implemented right away even once the Bill becomes law, but will be scheduled to take effect some time later. Thus, whether that happens sometime this year or next year is largely a guess, and otherwise unknown.


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