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why after marraige divorce

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  • why after marraige divorce

    Welcome to this forum , here u can find lots of things , i suggest you have to contact your friends or any other expert for your question, right now i am not able to give u answer . sorry for that ........
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    It may happened because of insolvency of family understanding problems. Mostly people's mental settlement is not good and they won't ready for giving some space to each other that's why marriages remain unsuccessful mostly.
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      May be it happens because of Lack of individual identity, Becoming lost in the roles
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        Most of the time its happen due to misunderstanding and if you don't get the desire expectation.It may varies according to different background status.But the common thing is misunderstanding.
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          There are many causes of divorce, Causally financial problem and misunderstanding is the main problem of divorce.Then people concern with Corporate Lawyer and settle down their matters


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            Wells Divorce considers worst , Many reasons can be up this issue like misunderstanding, Is common and main cause for Divorce .
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              We can't say the exact reason for this kind of problems. It may vary on the situation based.
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                most of time it happen due to misunderstanding which lead to divorce and there may also be many other reasons that causes divorce after marriage.
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