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  • family visa

    what are the procedures for getting a family visa in Canada for those who are residing in India?Is it possible to handover the procedures to any law firm l
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    Before you decide to strategy, you should determine if you would like a new visa in order to key in Canada. If you do not need a visitor visa, you can nevertheless have to meet several unique requirements.
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      First you should consult to your legal adviser whenever you are going to apply for any immigration. It is very helpful and you can decide better after getting complete and accurate information.
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        Its best that you hand over to any law firm because they know better that how to deal with your case.And what think you need to get that visa.Because we don't know more about the laws in that country.
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          Canada requires you to complete an application before entering the country. Thus, you should know how to get a Canadian visa. Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor close family members for Canadian immigration. Canada has one of the most generous family reunification programs in the developed world. The government is committed to keeping families together whenever possible, and prioritizes the processing of sponsorship applications.
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            very useful post thanks .
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