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Real Estate in Kochi

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  • Real Estate in Kochi

    Many factors that favour buying of real estate property like land or apartments in Cochin include the following:
    Kochi is known as the commercial capital of India. Its IT sector is booming with more and more employment opportunities available by the day.
    It is one of the best cities in South India, when it comes to its networking through air, rail and sea. The city is well connected through road, air and railway. The development of Kochi metro and mobility hub has further added to its appeal as a developed city.
    The living standards in the city are better than many other states in terms of health and safety.
    The scenic beauty of the city makes it a desirable place of living. Kochi is a hot tourist destination and that’s why it has seen great amounts of foreign remittances in near future.
    The city has seen some huge developments in recent years. The development of Vallarpadam container terminal and huge malls like Lulu, Oberon etc. has made it a dream destination for investment.
    Many new builders have set up base in Kochi, owing to its demand for better properties, world class apartments etc.
    The LNG terminal coming up at Puthuvypin, Kochi, has a capacity of 5 Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum and is all set to satisfy the enormous demand of natural gas in the city. It’s one more reason to choose Kochi as a place to live.
    The SEZ and proposed Smart City can make Kochi, a desirable place of employment for millions of graduates in the state.

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    Real estate is now becoming a popular investment in area where the prices of real estate fluctuating with in short period of time. Because in this way you can easily get a better return from your investment.
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      Real estate is well known business in the world and it's one of the most beneficial business around the world, my Dad is running a real estate comapny as well, that's why i have knowledge about it.


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        Real estate is the best investment in my opinion. Because you still have your money, you can touch it and if needed you can buy to let so you will get extra passive income. I heard a lot of foreigners are into buying property in India especially if we talk about people from China or Russia.


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