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What happens with the fiscal cliff?

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  • What happens with the fiscal cliff?

    The fiscal cliff is simple the expiration of the big tax cuts enacted during the Bush Era. Most of these cuts were geared towards the 'rich'. The question everybody is asking is what happens if Congress is not able to reach an agreement with the Obama administration?
    Well, first of all I think there will be an agreement however, if there is no agreement, taxes will hike for everybody. Yes, everybody from the rich to the poor. There will also be some major changes on spending.

    What is more likely to happen is a compromise between the GOP and the White House, to come up with some kind of tax hikes. However, in his speech on November 9, 2012, Obama made clear he will not sign anything which punishes the "poor" to provide for the deficit and rewards the "rich". Now the question is what will be qualified as rich?

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