Hi ,

My H1b visa is due Oct 31st 2017, I also have an approved I-140. I am currently working to file my extension. I have been under current h1 for 9 years now. I am getting married this August in India and plan to re-enter the US in mid-September. I am looking to apply for a h4 visa for my fiancee in early September. With less than 2 months validity left in my current H1b can I use my current approval notice to apply for her H4 visa? what are the chances that this will get approved? And can she stay with me in the US, past the Oct 31st date?

What are other options?

- Is B1/B2 visa a good option, considering we will be married at that time and we are taking the B1 route untill my h1 extension comes through?
- or try H4 with old notice first? and then change of status to B1 past Oct 31st?
- is it possible to apply for my h1 extension now and later append my application with her H4? so she can stay past oct 31st?