Hi Team,

Below is my Case:

1) First Day of Entry into US :
Stamped visa employer : YYY
Visa Expiry date: XX August , 2017
Original i94 expiry: xx August, 2017

2) Transferred H1B, got approval notice in Aug 2016. The i94 number in the approved petition matched with my original i94 but the expiry date of the new one is till 2018 as shown below
New petition employer: ZZ
New i94 expiry: XX December, 2018

3) Trip to India in Sep 2016, entered US based on the old employers visa ( as shown in step 1) as I couldn't go for stamping.
New i94 expiry: XX August , 2017

Today, I noticed that my H1 Visa ( as in step 1) by my previous employer is revoked. The website mentions "On March XX, 2016, we revoked the approval of your case, Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXXXX, and mailed you a revocation notice. "

Below are my questions:

1. Since my previous employer visa is revoked, is it still legal for me to stay here in US ?
2. Does my latest i94 override the i94 on the approved petition ?
3. If I plan to go India now, Do I need to get my Visa Stamped?
4. Looking in current scenario, where a lot of people are getting 221g , should I prefer Dropbox or interview?
5. In the worst case if I get 221g, what is the maximum time for which I have to wait In India?
6. Can I still go to India and return back before August 2017 without getting my Visa Stamped(using my older employer visa)? What will happen if I am caught at port of entry since my employer is changed?
7. Is it advisable to go India this time?
8. Which documents I need to take with me when going to India