My parents filed I-130 for me in Feb 2011.
Receipt and priority date March 2011
Approved (I-797) in 2014
Going by the USCIS website, i'm looking at 1 more year until my priority date is here.
I was outside of the country on filing.
I came over on vacation with my kids, to help my mom while she recovered from surgery. She had to have more emergency surgeries.
I stayed to help...which incurred over staying of visa.
A couple of years later I married a USC. I did not apply for I-485. He strung me along, thought he could take advantage because i'D be too afraid to speak. A crime was committed, myself being the victim.
The DA suggested I file for a U visa.
Would this hurt my I-130 case which my priority date should be here in about 12 months.....or will the U Visa filing help me?
Thanks in advance