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Thread: I-94 lost

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    I-94 lost

    Recently I got marry,and I'm trying to apply for adjustment of status,but it turns out that I lost my I-94,and I can't get one on line because I entered the country in 07';I'm also waiting for DA through U visa,does anybody know if I can get in trouble if I send myself the form I-102 since I have no status? Will I need a lawyer for it?You know these days people is getting deported for anything,I want to make sure I'll be doing the right move,any help is appreciated,thank you,God bless

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    You should hire an Attorney. Attorney can submit I-130, I-765, I-485 and I-102 ( for I-94 replacement) all the forms at the same time with USCIS fees and required documents.

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    Thanks,I already did it myself,hiring a lawyer is very expensive,and it ain't rocket science to fill out the forms

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