I'm an Israeli citizen, here in the states for more than 2 years (since July 2014).
I'm on L1B visa (expert, not manager) that was granted for 5 years. after 2 years the blanket was done and had to go get a new L1B, got it again for 5 years. I have Bachelor degree + 10 years of professional experience in my field (eligible for EB-2, right?)
The company I work for finally agreed to sponsor me.

As far as I understand, please correct me if I'm wrong, there 2 stages for the green card process:
1. Perm labor
2. Green Card application

I'm married to an Israeli women that came with me from Israel and has the L2 due to that, and I have a 3 months old boy that was born here, which makes him a US citizen.

I currently live and work in TN, my company's headquarters is in NJ.

How long does it take to get each of the above stages done?
Any way to speed it up by paying more or something?

Thanks in advance.