I want your help in planing to apply for citizenship, so can you advise me as i will depend on your advice, here is my history in USA:
I got my green card at 23 April 2012 by lottery, and since that time i used to visit USA for 2 weeks every 6 months. But at May 2015, i applied for the re-entry permit and it was issued at 16 June 2015 valid for 2 years (till 17 June 2017) and since May 2015 i did not visit USA till now. As my mother is sick and needs my help and support till now.
I am planning to return USA and stay for 4 years then apply for citizenship.
I filed Federal taxes at 2012, 2013 but I used form 2555EZ by selecting Bona Fide Residence Test.
And in 2014 I used form 1116 as i visited and worked in US for 2 months in 2014
And in 2015 I used again form 2555 EZ by selecting the physical presence test.
I read that “If the legal permanent resident declared himself or herself to be a bona fide resident of a foreign country on IRS Form 2555, that means the alien declared to the IRS that he or she went abroad for an indefinite or extended period. He or she intended to establish permanent quarters outside of the United States and he or she openly declared residence in a foreign country.”
So do you think that will make to me problems like being abandonment at applying for citizenship (cause of taxes or being away from US for long time)?
1- I think that I can modify my taxes till now as I filed years 2012, 2013 & 2014 at April 2015, so can you tell me what is the best thing I can do now?
2- i will apply for a new reentry permit at next January, so can that issue affect it as i will not be able to amend it before January as it takes about 3 months to be updated in IRS?