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    Premium Processing

    I don't know about, "Premium Processing". Can anyone give a brief explanation about it and tell me also whether every individual is eligible for this?

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    Premium processing is a way to expedite the decision on certain cases (such as H1Bs, I-140s, L1, and some other employment visas). It is right now an additional fee of $1200 for the USCIS to work on the case within 15 days after filing provide no RFE (request for evidence) is issued. In case a RFE is issued then the case is usually delayed until you answer. The premium processing has both its advantages and disadvantages. The truth is that it should not be used unless you need it. One of the interesting thing with the premium processing is that it is easier to communicate with the adjudicating officer when a premium processing is file. Unfortunately it is not available to all kinds of visas. If you want to know more, please call us at 510 7425887.
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    Premium Processing Service allows a faster processing time after the H1 visa petition is received. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS, formerly the INS) guarantee that it will process the visa petition within 15 days under this service. $1,000 fee is required that your employer must pay to the USCIS for this service. A phone number and e-mail address is provided separately to check on the status or asked questions by the companies using the expedited processing.
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    Premium processing service provide speedy processing for certain petitions and applications. Those who use the service are guaranteed a processing period of 15 days or else the money is refunded. Get in touch with an immigration service for more details. I know a few who have availed the services of Green and Spiegel LLC.

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    The assessment is not required for spouses and other dependents, even if of working age and with qualifications and skills of their own.

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    What do you mean by Premium Processing?

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