Hello Mates,
Starting this thread so we can make our own small community like we did earlier when we all were waiting for or DA Or Uvisa...As you all know that majority of the us from Late 2014 Got There DA or Uvisa in 2017-2018 and now we are getting closer to finally file for our Adjustment Of Status/Green Card.For some people it could be in less then 6 month for some it could be 8 and for me its a whole year.....
The reason i am creating this thread is just because we can share question and queries and discuss everything here related to ojr adjustment of status process instead of going here and there looking for answers so if everyone from late 2014 Approved Uvisa's holder can please participate in this thread and lets make it run and help each other.

Here is my Time Line:
Application Date :Oct 7 2014
Transfer to Nebraska:11/2016
Approval Notice: November 8 2018(Final U-visa).

Hope to hear back from all my mates soon...
Stay Safe and Take Care.