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Thread: Applications for h4 EAD

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    Applications for h4 EAD

    Hi shah
    If I want to apply for h4 ead with you from when you will be accepting the application?
    Since I will be out of USA from 21april to 22 july. Will you be accepting applications before that?

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    As from april2 2015, we will be accepting the retainers. Please call us at 510 7425887 and thank you for trusting us with your case.

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    Thus I can assume that I may give you my case on 2nd april and can be out of USA during submitting process (I.e, on 26th may). It will have no impact effect on my EAD process.


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    At this point, it might be an issue. Dhs has not been clear on this. I will recommend staying until approved.

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    Actually i cannot avoid my travel instead i can apply after i come back i.e, after 22nd July.
    What is your suggestion on applying after 22nd July to avoid any risk in my absence.


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    Better apply when you come back

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