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Thread: Any guidelines when sending a letter to USCIS to correct a typo error?

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    Any guidelines when sending a letter to USCIS to correct a typo error?

    So my receipt had my name correct,

    But EAD card came with a typo,

    Long and frustrating story short,
    I used the submit a typography error thing on the website, waited, then called and was told it doesn't work that way and that I have to mail in a letter to the vermont center;
    The main office is closed right, i'm hoping they still process mail though;
    Would anyone have had the same experience or have any tips, also if you can verify the mail in address with me please?
    Should I just type out the situation in the letter?
    Do I send in the EAD, or a copy of it and/or copies of ID's without their typo (that they should already have), do I send in my denial letter from SSN caused by this typo?

    Just trying to do it right this time around so this does not drag on longer, any tips appreciated,
    Thank you

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    1. You will have to mail them an inquiry. Online and phone will not work.

    2. What is the address and where do you get it? If it is officially on USCIS website, it should be fine.

    3. Write a formal letter, explaining exactly what happened. Include your receipt numbers and dates. Also include SSN denial letter.

    Something like:

    Dear USCIS Officer,

    My name is, A-number, date of birth. I am writing to correct a typo on my EAD card, receipt number, issue date. This is based on an approved DA, receipt number, receipt date.

    The name on the DA receipt is correct, which is. However, the name on the EAD card shows. This typo error on the EAD card has prevented me from getting my SSN issued. The denial from SSN is included.

    I appreciate your help on correcting the typo.


    1. Copy of DA receipt.
    2. Copy of EAD approval receipt.
    3. Copy of EAD card.
    4. Copy of any valid ID you may have.
    5. SSN letter

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