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Thread: U-Visa Annual Capacity Increase by Joe Biden

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    U-Visa Annual Capacity Increase by Joe Biden

    Our future president Joe Biden has vision of increasing the U-Visa 10k annual capacity to 30k!

    Here is quote directly from

    Increases visas for domestic violence survivors.
    Under the Trump Administration, there are unacceptable processing delays for adjudicating applications for VAWA self-petitions, U-visas, and T-visas. As president, Biden will end these delays and give victims the security and certainty they need. And, Biden will triple the current cap of 10,000 on U-visas; this cap is insufficient to meet the dire needs of victims and hinders our public safety.

    I really hope he becomes our next president.
    U Visa application: 09/26/2017
    Biometrics: 11/08/2017

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    Biden will increase the U Visa cap!

    Not only that, but he passed the VAWA law!

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    I will be the first in thanking him, but unfortunately Presidents do not pass laws. He needs the House and Senate to pass the law first. It is very difficult for a President to enact laws; even President Obama was unable to pass signature laws when Democrats controlled both chambers.

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