My OPT recently denied due to 30 days rule. I applied for OPT and received i-20 but did not apply for more than 30 days then I requested for new i-20 and applied immediately but my DSO didn't update the new date on the SEVIS record. Below is some more information to give some background.

- US arrival 12/2015
- First masters completed but unfortunately school lost the accreditation
- Then joined second masters and completed successfully
- Last day of school: April 25, 2019
- Applied for initial OPT and application received by USCIS on April 18, 2019
- Status updated as 'Denied' on Aug 29, 2019
- Reason: Failed to file application within 30 days of DSO OPT recommendation date
- Current status: SEVIS in 'Completed' state
- F1 expiry Nov 2020

When asked DSO, they gave me two options.

1. Apply for reinstatement
2. Get new I-20 with new SEVIS ID

I have below queries, I hope someone can answer:

a. Can I apply for reinstatement/ MTR as DSO failed to update the SEVIS record when I requested to provide new I-20?
b. Can I apply for apply for H4 as my spouse is on H1B status?
c. If I can apply for H4, how soon I need to begin the process as I already passed 4+ months from the graduation date?
d. Is it safe to cross US-Mexico border to activate the new SEVIS while keeping in mind previous Master degrees?
e. How soon I should cross the border and activate my sevis if I decide to do port of entry?
f. What would be the safest option to proceed from the above?

Thank you!