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Thread: F1 to H4 and again to F1

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    F1 to H4 and again to F1


    I am currently on H4 visa and I have an MS degree (exercise science) from a US university. Due to circumstances, I converted to H4 (bad luck?). I became licensed as a Physical Therapist, but could not get an H1B sponsorship this year which has made me think about pursuing another degree. I did not apply for OPT from my first MS degree. The school that I am looking to get admission has a graduate certificate program (15 credit hours). Can I apply for opt after a graduate certification program? Also, can I apply for opt based on my MS degree after one year of full time study on F1 visa?

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    I already completed my one master in health science from states and did all my prerequisites for Prepharmacy in community college will be graduating this summer. I got admission in pharmd which going start in this fall. I'm still on f1 visa.. my i-94 /I-20e is still valid for few years. But my visa stamped expired. I already used my opt of 12 months as unpaid internship. I have few questions regarding change of status from f1 to h4.
    While I was in opt I did work outside which is not related to my field for 7months along with my official unpaid internship. I again came back to f1 to do all Prepharmacy prerequisite. Now it's almost 3years after my post-opt. I'm joining my pharmd in fall, what is the best time to do my change of status from f1 to h4?... as the prog is very expensive.
    Can i do change of status in beginning of the semester as my i-20/i-94 is still valid(not expire) or do at the end of semester or 45 days before i graduate.My wife i-140 approval is still pending?
    Idk wat to do??? What are the options to file for h4??
    What if I file for h4 in this fall at the beginning of my pharmd program, and worst case if my h4 denied but my I-20e/i-94 still valid... can I stay in states after my denial decision since my f1 visa still valid or I have to leave the country?
    I'm really confused!! Please help!!

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