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Thread: Judgment in Texas

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    Judgment in Texas

    If you own a home, a judgment can cloud title on your HOMESTEAD. In Texas your homestead is protected by the Texas Constitution from a forced sale of the property from most judgments.

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    Well a judgment is normally reported as a criminal, history on your credit score similar to a bankruptcy. Often this type of history is often devastating to a credit, score file because bad debts are supposed to be removed.
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    Law has declared a very clear tax notification rate and percentage. I guess you may get it from the book of sales tax or income tax authorized by law.
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    Judges play a vital role in judgement. Our law embodies the moral values of our society. As per the state law polices, We must obey the rules and regulations.

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    I think if you have a good credit score than you don't need to be worried about anything.

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    Can to think of it guys the Taxes Law or any other law should be respected and followed.

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