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Thread: U-Visa to GC I-485

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    U-Visa to GC I-485


    I currently have my U-Visa and filed for my I-485 on 8/6/2018 been checking USCIS for updates recently received an email that my case was still pending and and last update on my case was done on 4/30/19.

    My concern is that my mom was a derivative on my U-Visa and she already got her green card on 3/14/19. She applied on 6/20/18. I'm not sure why mine hasn't gotten approved since i was the one who originally filed =[

    Just a little disappointed since I have 3 kids and need to know I'm not getting deported. My case is a little more complicated since i did have a criminal record. My mom did not but she did have to leave the country voluntarily since she had immigration removal proceedings. She got to come back to the USA based on my U-Visa approval. I'm just extremely sad and heartbroken.

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    Post below forum... There are many active responder
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