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Thread: i-765 and C14

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    Question i-765 and C14

    Hello all!
    I have a question because I'm confused and I don't really understand what's going on. I have copy of the letters/receipt Notices from USCIS. It looks like my attorney filed the I-765 - Application for Employment Authorization on January 23, 2015, the same time he sent my i-918 Visa U. They called me two weeks ago to let me know that now I can apply for a work permit. They scheduled me to go to the office next Monday (4/29) to file the Work permit C14.

    So, what's the difference? What was the purpose of filing in 2015 the i-765 and now he says I need to file a work permit C14? I'm confused.

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    C14 is the eligibility category for I-765 application based on. Check your I-765 application Section 27. Eligible Category

    I am not sure, why they want it again you to file out I-765 but check with you lawyer and check you application

    For more detail download "Instructions for Form I-765" from below link

    Deferred Action--(c)(14). File Form I-765 with a copy of the order, notice, or other document reflecting the grant
    of deferred action and proof that you have an economic necessity to work. We will consider whether you have an
    economic necessity to work by reviewing your current annual income, your current annual expenses, and the total
    current value of your assets. Provide this financial information on Form I-765WS, Form I-765 Worksheet. If you
    would like to provide an explanation, complete Part 3. Explanation of the worksheet. Supporting evidence is not
    required, but USCIS will accept and review any documentation that you submit. You do not need to include other
    household members’ financial information to establish your own economic necessity.
    U visa filed Sep-2015
    Notice date Sep-2015
    Bio Oct-2015
    No DA

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