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Thread: I-918 Processing time

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    just keep praying. great news is coming to our way

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    Quote Originally Posted by radens View Post
    It is DA Processing time. It is not accurate because that date is completion 93% of cases:
    now showing november 17th means about 93% of cases before november 17 completed so they can be processing december also but maybe less than 50% and also no guarantee they process everyone before november 17 cos there is still 7% left. basically it is just estimate and you should only be concerned if your case before that date and no DA yet then you should contact them why no DA
    Hi Radens, the info you shared is not for I-918 forms (U visa applications). I read the link you posted. It's for other types of applications that does not include I-918. Did you apply for an U visa? If so, what are your dates? Thanks in advance.

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    current November 19th 2015

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    current november 22nd 2015

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    current November 27th 2015

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    current november 30th 2015

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